Clinically tested and proven to kill 99.99%
of bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

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Sanitizing Germ block



Designed to clean and sanitize cosmetic
brushes simply and more efficiently.
Prolonging their effectiveness.


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Introducing the world’s first
cosmetic brush cleaner with
Sanitizing Germ block Technology


The key to Purebrush’s uniqueness is it’s ability to clean and sanitize the brush from harmful germs and viruses, which can become coated with bacteria that negatively effect your skin, such as breakouts and irritation. Currently, one of the primary ways to clean a cosmetic brush is with soap, water, and a towel, which can age and fray cosmetic brushes quickly.



Germ block Technology Benefits:

  • Prolongs cosmetic brush life
  • Sanitizes cosmetic brushes
  • Better health for skin
  • Efficiently cleans brushes faster
  • Can be used daily

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